Friday, 21 October 2011

ILLAMASQUA Lipgloss Collection

" Illamasqua is for the bolder person hiding inside all of us. It is an act and an attitude. A symbol of tolerance. A celebration of idiosyncrasies. A confident statement of self-ownership.""
Illamasqua has to be my all time favourite make up brand. Not only for the intensity of pigmentation in every product or the daring colours, but also for the impressive quality of the products. If you're a follower, you will soon realise over time that I am absolutely besotted with Illamasqua!

Having turned all my friends into Illamasqua lovers, and virtually being on first name basis's with my local Illamasqua team, I can't stop but stare whenever I walk past the counter. 

I want to introduce you all to my collection of their lipglosses. I have 8 colours all together ranging in shades. For me they top many other brands due to their pigmentation and texture, they aren't as sticky as some other makes and last for hours on end.

Illamaqua have two types of glosses: 
  • intense lipgloss "Come out of the shadows with high-shine, colour-rich Illamasqua Intense    Lipgloss in a wide range of bold colours. Create lips that look full and glossy, without feeling sticky. Draw attention to your lips, and to you."
  • Sheer lipgloss "Super glossy, with a sensual, sheer colour designed to enhance your lips. Use Illamasqua Sheer Lipgloss on its own or with Illamasqua Lipstick for added pout. Add a little more sexiness to your smile. "
These glosses can be applied with a lip brush, finger or just straight from the tube. The packaging is stylish and sleek with a squeezable plastic tube, to lure out product. 

Here is my collection!

From left to right - Femme (Intense Lipgloss). Indulge (Intense Lipgloss). Move (Intense Lipgloss). Divine (Sheer Lipgloss)

From bottom to top - Femme (Intense Lipgloss). Indulge (Intense Lipgloss). Move (Intense Lipgloss). Divine (Sheer Lipgloss)

From top to bottom - Lily-Rose (Sheer Lipgloss. Besotted (Intense Lipgloss). Electrify(Sheer Lipgloss). Soul (Sheer Lipgloss. 

From left to right  - Besotted (Intense Lipgloss) Lily-Rose (Sheer Lipgloss). Electrify(Sheer Lipgloss). Soul (Sheer Lipgloss. 
My Most Commonly Used: Electrify, Soul and Move as most natural colours for day to day wear.

My Favourites: Lily-Rose as can be used over both pink and red lipsticks. Indulge and Divine.

Both sheer and intense lip glosses are sold for £13, and are very much worth it! The tube holds a lot of product and lasts for ages. I thoroughly recommend them!

 ( P.S. I'm very excited as I have just received an email from Illamasqua giving me 15% off shopping online for next week as it is my 18th Birthday on monday because I am a member! I wonder where birthday money will be spent..)

:) xox


  1. Ahhh lovely collection, I need to start buying some gloss! :)

  2. I desperately want to try Illamasqua products and I think I will deffo be picking up a lipgloss, great post, thanks!

  3. They are some of the best lipglosses I have tried! Try the new skin base foundation - its amazing! and thanks :) xx

  4. these all look lovely!xxx