Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Drugs Store Mascara Haul 1

Today I went to Boots the English equivalent of a drug store and bought some new bits and pieces. I bought, 
2 Barry M lip glosses
Aussie Aussome Volume and Conditioning Mousse
Aussie Aussome Texturising and Conditioning Gel Spray 
(reviews of these products coming soon)

However the main reason for my shop was to get some new mascara. So I bought these 3:
1) Boujois - Volumizer Mascara

This is a recently new product and has been raved about by many beauty gurus. So excitingly I picked it up in hope that it would be a new favourite. 
        This mascara has taken the 'two step' approach like many new mascaras have such as the Mac Haute & Naughty Lash. 

Bourjois Volumizer has two step brushes.
 STEP 1) The brush has a thin wand and a normal sized less bristly brush. This brush 'prepares for 3D volume' and is guaranteed 'clump free'. So I decided to put it to the test:
The Results: 

BEFORE                                               STEP 1 

Already after step one I noticed an instant lengthening effect on my lashes. It did exactly what it said in giving volume and being clump free, but it also separated beautifully, lengthened amazingly and prepared my lashes for step 2. 


This step also did as it was supposed to in creating colossal volume and length, and coating the lashes evenly. 

I can honestly say, this mascara was one of the best mascaras I have tried in a long time! It cost £10.49, which is on the slightly expensive side for a drug store mascara, but it is definitely worth it, as it is comparable if not better than many high end/designer mascaras, is surprisingly long lasting and is generally fabulous! 

Scores: 9/10

The second mascara I bought was from collection 200, and it was the Super Size Fat Lash Mascara. The main reason I picked this up was because it was cheap. A mere £2.99, which is possibly the cheapest I have ever seen a mascara being sold for. However I also bought it as i had been recently impressed with my Big Fake Flash Lash Effect Mascara.

This particular mascara promises to "SUPERSIZE YOUR LASHES" being a 'super volumising mascara, for big, bold lashes'. I have to say, for £2.99 I was sceptical! (colour Brown/Black)

The Test: 
BEFORE                                                                                                  AFTER

For me this mascara was better than I expected. It did not leave my lashes clumpy or stick, the consistency seem a little dry, so I can imagine it would dry out quickly. However it did elongate my eye lashes and provide some volume. I am unsure if i would buy this mascara again however as it cheap and does an alright job, but is not amazing.

Scores: 4/10

Lastly I also made a cheap purchase from collection 200 buying the Extreme Coloured Lengthening Mascara.

This mascara promises "high shine vibrant colour lengthening mascara for bright eyes that pop!'. Despite this I bought it in black for practical reasons.

This mascara was the biggest disappointment out of all the buys, and did live up to the £.2.99 price tag!

The Test:      

I found this fluid extremely dry and it felt like the bottle had already run out and had been opened a year ago! It did clump slightly and did not provide any amazing volume or last long. I would be tempted to try the bright blue mascara they do in this make, but would not go back to this mascara in black.

Score: 2/10

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  1. You're totally tight about the Bourjois Mascara! I bought it totally oblivious of the hype, just because it was on sale at the time! I do prefer just step1 on a daily basis but its pretty amazing! Love you blog btw :)